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North American Meat Institute (Meat Institute) President and CEO Julie Anna Potts commented:

“Frontline poultry and meat workers need immediate access to vaccines while they continue to feed Americans as well as keeping the agricultural economy running. The administration should pledge to the safety of workers for the long term and not set up rigid standards that make facilities less efficient in their utilization.”

According to the data of The Food and Environment Reporting Network (FERN) According to FERN data, there were only 4.81 new cases reported per 100,000 workers in the meat and poultry industry each day of February 20, 2021. This contrasts to 26.15 instances per 100,000 within the general U.S. population (New York Times).

Independent scientific research has proven the efficacy of COVID-19 prevention strategies implemented in the industry from the spring of 2020. A study conducted by the University of Nebraska Medical Center found that the combination of universal masking and physical barriers cut down cases in 62% of the meat processing facilities examined. study published in Lancet in June 2020 discovered that distancing three feet and wearing facemasks cut transmission by around an 80percent while using eye protection can reduce transmission by 65%.

While the Biden administration is weighing safety requirements for workers and attempts to meet its promise to vaccine all American adults in the next few months in the future, a high priority should be given to vaccination of frontline workers in the poultry and meat industry and reaffirming safeguards which have helped bring infections rates to the industry over 80% lower than the average of the population.

February 20, 2021, Meat Institute survey of more than 250 establishments with more than 150,000 people identified COVID-19 protections that have been in place since spring 2020. They include:

  • COVID-19 hazards assessments designated COVID-19 coordinators
  • Controls and measures for entry screening
  • Improved sanitation and disinfection practices
  • Education and training materials and materials for COVID-19 signs and symptoms and prevention in several languages
  • Covers for faces that are required by law
  • More flexibility in leave policies
  • Physical barriers in the production of food and other fields (e.g., break rooms cafeterias)

Meat Institute members are committed to implementing these tested measures and offering support to vaccine frontline poultry and meat workers swiftly and safely.

Get more details on the rates of cases, Health and safety measures as well as vaccination here.

The North American Meat Institute is the most authoritative voice in the industry of meat and poultry. Members of the Meat Institute process most U.S. beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and other meats and produce the equipment and ingredients required to make the highest-quality and safest poultry and meat products.

Source North American Meat Institute

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