CBD, though still heavily regulated, is still selling hot
like hotcakes! And according to some forecasts, it will continue to do so.
Every discovery and trend, people follow. However, maybe few know, there’s a
new cannabinoid on the rise—we’re talking about the promising CBG.

Just like CBD, there’s always a perfect CBG product for
every user. And we’ve heard, as pointed out by a survey also,
supplement form is a crowd favorite. So, without further ado, we dive deep into
the best supplement choice—the CBG gummies! Here’s what you need to know, so
you purchase the best one:

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As mentioned, for most of the readers, it seems like CBG is
fairly new. But CBG has already been discovered in the 1960s by scientists
Yehiel Gaoni, Raphael Mechoulam, and Yuval Shvo.
They were figuring out the active compounds of hashish and in the cannabis plant. To
their (and our) luck, among the astounding discoveries, was the CBG.

What is CBG?

CBG, or cannabigerol, is known as the mother of cannabinoids.
It’s called such since most of the other cannabinoids are derived from its
acidic form called cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). And, as for CBG’s effects on the
endocannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), here’s a quick rundown:

  • CBG binds directly
    with CB1 and CB2,
  • CBG acts as a
    competitive antagonist to the CB1—meaning CBG prevents it from activating.

To explain this further, the human endocannabinoid system is
in charge of all your physiological and cognitive processes. CB1 mediates the
body’s neurotransmission and peripheral functions, while CB2 regulates immune
and inflammatory pathways. CBG,
therefore, has no psychoactive effects, meaning it will never give you the

How does CBG compete with other cannabinoids?

The lesser-known cannabinoid, CBG, might be better than the
two known ones (CBD and THC) since it’s a principal precursor of the two.

As compared to THC,
we consider CBG as ‘inactive’. CBG has only a slight affinity with CB1
receptors found in your nervous system, particularly central and peripheral. To
be specific, the CB1 receptors have effects on memory, analgesia,
thermoregulation, antiemetic, and motor regulations.
Thus, THC’s effect on CB1 encourages the ‘high’ feeling.
You’d want nothing of that if you want to enjoy CBG’s therapeutic effects.

CBD, on the other
hand, stays as the most researched cannabinoid because of its therapeutic and
even medical benefits. A few medical CBD-derived products are FDA-approved to
be alternatives to treat seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and
Dravet syndrome, and treatment of cancer symptoms (i.e., vomiting and nausea).

Just like CBD, CBG also offers a new possibility in the
health and wellness realm. CBG has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and
antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.  And
as a study pointed out, CBG might be a ‘potential starting material for new
therapeutic agents.

With the scientific education on cannabis, CBG, THC, CBD,
and other more phytocannabinoids—there are around 80 to 100 cannabinoids that
exist in a cannabis plant—still expanding, the future for the cannabis industry
is indeed very bright!

So, what more should we know about CBG and its benefits?

CBG has so much potential—we can’t emphasize this enough. To
make this easy, let’s have a look at the comprehensive rundown of the
therapeutic benefits CBG gummies may have, prepared by Neurogan:

CBG Gummies for Heightening Your Focus

According to a study, CBG possesses neuroprotective
properties and CBG can even potentially treat neurodegenerative diseases like
Huntington’s disease. CBG
may help in slowing down the degeneration of our neurological systems and may
even potentially restore some vanished brain functions. People who have
difficulty concentrating and are often having memory lapses can benefit a lot
from CBG Focus Gummies. For those who want more productive and attentive days,
gulping a CBG gummy bear can be an option.

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CBG Gummy: A Tasty Appetite Stimulant

There have already been studies on how smoking and ingesting
cannabis can increase your appetite.
CBG gummies also may be an effective appetite stimulant. According to a study
conducted with rats, some observe their food intake doubled and the number of
meals increased.

Itis also to note that no adverse effects on their neuromotor ability were recorded.

So, how do CBG gummies affect your food intake? CBG
interacts with the CB1 receptors to release the hormone in charge of giving you
the munchies! Having a healthy appetite is great in maintaining good health, so
consider incorporating CBG products into your routine.

CBG Gummies to Avoid Stress

Just like CBD, CBG also has the potential to help you with
your stress. CBG is a GABA-reuptake inhibitor. Increased levels of gamma-aminobutyric
acid, or GABA, mean a more relaxed (muscles), less tensed, and calmer mood.
GABA is also in charge of your dopamine, aka ‘feel-good’ hormones.

In addition, according to a study, CBG deficiency may lead
to lower behavioral and endocrine sensitivity to chronic stress.
However, it is to note that further research is needed if CBG gummies and other
CBG products are the right answer to such deficiency. The best way, as always,
is to ask your doctor!

CBG Gummy Bears and Your Good Eyesight

CBG can prevent high intraocular pressure (IOP). High IOP
can drain the fluid in your eyes which may cause your eyes to not function
properly. And if not treated right, it can lead to glaucoma.

Good thing, CBG gummies are very easy to take. A study
suggests that CBG and other cannabinoids may be a potential treatment for
glaucoma, as it helps in increasing the eyes’ aqueous outflow facility. In
another study, results show that chronic administration of CBG helped in
lowering ocular tension.

For the work-from-home people out there who have forgotten
how much time off the screens they need, pay heed to your eye health, and CBG
gummies may help!

CBG Gummies for Reducing Any Inflammations

Just like CBD, CBG gummies also have anti-inflammatory properties.
In various studies, CBG has shown promising effects:

  • For those who have
    inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), CBG opens new possibilities. According to a
    study, CBG reduced murine colitis, nitric oxide production, and reduced ROS
    formation in intestinal epithelial cells.
  • For those who have
    diseases that cause airway inflammation—such as asthma, cystic fibrosis,
    bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)—CBG and CBD gummies may be beneficial in
    treating them.

Hopping onto the CBG craze and experiencing its potential
early on for next year is a foolproof decision, especially if you’re now
confident with your CBG knowledge! Still, it’s best to see for yourself the
positive effects CBG may give off on your health and wellbeing. For a fantastic
CBG head start—go for the best CBG gummies! Let’s discuss further by answering
FAQs, so you can find the best CBG gummies for 2022 in no time!

Do CBG Gummies Contain CBD?

YES! CBG gummies contain CBD and other more cannabinoids So,
you aren’t only getting the optimal effects from CBG (mentioned above); you are
also getting the CBD’s therapeutic benefits. In addition, blending CBG gummies
with other phytocannabinoids and terpenes takes advantage of the entourage
effect. To add, full spectrum CBD gummies, like the Neurogan CBD + CBG Balance
Gummies, are a superb choice since they contain all the cannabis compounds
while making sure the THC levels don’t go over 0.3%.

What Should I Look for When Buying CBG Gummies?

There are just a few but thorough criteria you should jot
down to know how to buy CBG gummies. As much as possible, we want you to be
extra careful in choosing your supplements not just at the start of the year,
but year-round! From the CBD manufacturer to the retailer, your CBG gummies
should go through a meticulous process to ensure your safety and the value out
of your money. Here’s what to look for when buying CBG gummies:

  • Gummy Hemp Source – Hemp
    infused gummies are extracted differently. And there are three types: CBG
    isolate, Full-spectrum CBG, and Broad-spectrum CBG. Because of how difficult it
    is to extract CBG, CBG isolate is rare and pricier.
  • Ingredients List
    This is to ensure that the CBG gummies really
    contain CBG and other premium ingredients that you can benefit from. The
    concentration must be indicated on the bottle of your CBG gummies. All
    FDA-approved cannabis products only have THC concentrations of 0.3% or less.
  • Certificate of Analysis
    – Any cannabis testing should undergo third-party lab testing. This is one of
    the most crucial as it also ensures your product’s quality and authenticity.
  • Company Reputation
    Check the manufacturers’ credentials, hem gummies reviews, and even customer
    service feedback. You’re putting your health on their hands, so go with a brand
    that you completely trust. From what’s observed also, a gummy CBD review can
    tell if the product can produce the results, it says it can.

How many CBG Gummies Should I Take?

Your bottle of CBG gummies must have the dose of
information. And this is what you should follow—nothing more, nothing
less—especially if you’re a first-time CBG user. For the experienced users,
however, Neurogan CBG Focus Gummies can be taken in 45mg doses. And for those
who plan to increase the CBG gummies intake, it’s advisable to contact a
cannabis specialist in the medical field.

Can I Combine CBG Gummies with other CBG Products?

Aside from CBG gummies, there are a variety of existing CBG-
derived hemp products in the market. If you think CBG gummies might not be
enough for you, then it’s also great to consider other CBG options. But note
it’s going to be different with every product. It’s best to ask a professional
if you plan to ingest another CBG product with your CBG Focus Gummies. So, here
are a few of the most-sought CBG products you can consider, aside from the
easy-to-take gummy bears:

CBG Focus Oil

The most talk about is the CBG Focus oil, as it helps the
students and the professionals focus and increase their productivity. Even on
social media, where full spectrum CBD and CBG ads are very much regulated,
cannabis oils have become the center of the stage with netizens talking about
how cannabis products have helped them.

CBG oil, just like CBD oil, will be a great option for
first-time CBG users because of its versatility. You can choose to add CBG oil
to your food and beverages as most do. Or, do sublingual administration, in
which you place the CBG oil under your tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds.
For maximum effects, choose between Neurogan Full-spectrum CBG or THC-free
broad spectrum CBG oil. Most believe sublingual exposure is the best way since
it has a high bioavailability.
However, for the picky eaters, who are easily displeased with the grassy and
earthy taste, unfortunately, CBG oil might not be for you.

CBG Topicals

CBG topicals include CBG creams, CBG salves, and other more
CBG-derived products that apply to the skin. These are most sought by people
who want to experience some relief from muscle and joint pains, as CBG along
with other premium ingredients gives that soothing feeling. Now, this might not
just be a choice only for those who ‘need’ it.

Should I shift from CBD gummies to CBG?

CBG can definitely compete with other hemp-derived products
if that’s what you are curious about. The only problem is, CBG is being
overshadowed by its ‘sister’ cannabinoid, the CBD. Regardless, we stay
optimistic. Institutions like the National Center for Complementary and
Integrative Health (NCCIH) are at the forefront of unraveling everything we
know about CBG and other cannabinoids.
Choose what works best for you. Compare their potential effects.

Studies around CBG (though very promising even in the medical field) are still very limited. Even concrete regulation laws and guidelines on CBG consumption are yet to be clarified by the federal authorities. So, as we wait for more clarity, it’s best to be meticulous and use this updated CBG buying guide when looking for the best CBG gummies.

Nevertheless, to maximize CBG gummies’ effect on improving one’s quality of life, especially in increasing the productivity of students, professionals, and anyone else—Neurogan CBG Focus gummies is the #1 choice.

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