hermApparel recognizes Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, and marks its fourth anniversary establishing the world's first lightweight, comfortable – and invisible – cooling vest. The company and its founders in that time have realized their dream of helping people with heat-sensitivity take back control of their lives.

“Our mission was to provide customers with a state-of-the-art cooling vest that looks and feels great, and is extremely fashionable,” says Kurtis Kracke, CEO/founder. “Until we started ThermApparel, personal cooling equipment was bulky and made people self-conscious and frustrated.”


Heat Intolerance
Regardless of the effort, activities in any climate can increase body temperature. And, there is an unfair heat/sunshine paradox that impacts people with MS disproportionately. Sunshine helps produce vitamin D and boost bone health, but the accompanying heat can trigger flare-ups, worsening symptoms. It's hard to beat high temperatures with autoimmune diseases. But if you can manage heat stress, you can do more of what you love like attending weddings, golfing, and other adventures.

The UnderCool fits like a glove, delivering constant cooling that reduces fatigue. “The vest allows cooler blood to circulate more freely, keeping your core temperature steady – which keeps you cool and increases the time you can spend on various indoor or outdoor activities,” adds Kracke.

ThermApparel empowers people to live as they normally would, maintaining their hobbies and lifestyles. The UnderCool is meant to fit any body style and can be worn under virtually anything.

Fast Facts:

  • Lightweight, form-fitting therapeutic design that doesn't cramp your style
  • Safe to wear against your skin
  • Discrete and virtually invisible when worn underneath clothing
  • Removable, fast-freezing packs can be frozen in any refrigerator; or in ice water in 20 minutes
  • Utilizes modern phase change material (PCM)

ThermApparel is committed to helping people living with chronic illnesses. UnderCool is helping in other areas as well. “We are excited about new applications for our technology, specifically in active seniors in retirement communities. We've also seen interest from people competing in extreme sports, like auto-racing or competitive cycling where weight and performance is so critical.”

For more information call 855-232-7233 or visit ThermApparel.com.

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