Her apparel is announcing Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month and marks its 4th anniversary in establishing the world's first light, comfortable, and completely invisible cooling vest. The founders of the company and their business have since realized their vision of helping people with heat-sensitive conditions take control of their lives.

“Our goal was to offer customers the latest cooling vests that feel and look great and are very fashionable,” says Kurtis Kracke, the CEO/founder. “Until the time we founded ThermApparel personal cooling, the equipment was large and bulky, making people feel self-conscious and angry.”

Heat Intolerance
Whatever the effort, whatever the activity, any weather can indeed raise the body temperature. There is also an unjustly high-temperature sunshine/heat paradox that affects people suffering from MS significantly. Sunshine is an excellent source of vitamin D and improves bone health. However, the heat that comes with it can cause flare-ups, causing more symptoms. It's tough to fight high temperatures associated with autoimmune disorders. However, if you combat heat stress, then you'll be able to enjoy more of the things you love, such as golfing, attending weddings, and many other activities.

The UnderCool can be worn as a glove and provides constant cooling that helps reduce fatigue. “The jacket allows cool blood circulation to flow freely and keeps your core temperature constant and cool, which helps keep you cool and improves the amount of time you can spend engaging in outdoor or indoor pursuits,” adds Kracke.

ThermApparel allows people to remain as normal as they are with their hobbies and lifestyles. The UnderCool is designed to suit any body type and can be worn with almost any clothing.

Quick Facts:

  • A light, form-fitting, and lightweight style that won't impede your style.
  • Wearing it is safe against your skin
  • Distinct and almost invisibly put on under clothes
  • The packs, which are removable and fast-freezing, can be frozen in any refrigerator or ice water within 20 minutes
  • Utilizes modern phase change material (PCM)

ThermApparel is dedicated to helping those living with chronic diseases. UnderCool helps in other areas too. “We are very excited about innovative applications of our technology, particularly for active seniors in retirement homes. We've also noticed the interest of those competing in extreme sports such as racing in autos or cycling, where weight and performance are crucial.”

For more information, call 855-232-7233 or visit ThermApparel.com.

Media Contact: Neal Gorman, NRG Communications, 212-203-3889, [email protected]

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