Effuel has become one of the bestselling car attachments present in the market. The market share of this product by the makers is more than 75% and this shows the trust and effectiveness of this product. The company has launched this fuel-saving product for cars at the beginning of March last year and since then this product has become one of the best products in the market when it comes to an attachment for the cars to save money. This product is made to control wastage of fuel while driving a car and thus have better mileage by the car. This is an electronic fuel control unit that controls the fuel injection to the engine so that the fuel is used in a controlled matter in the car. 

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This product is being sold in the USA and Canada only as of now and the makers plan to shift the sales to a global market for letting car users have a way to save money spent on fuel and also help nature by conserving precious fuel. This product has been made to help save around 30% to 35%of fuel used on an average in the car. It works with all types of fuel be it petrol, diesel, or CNG. This unit gets fits in the engine over the fuel injection system or in some cases replaces the fuel injection system for better fuel average. This product costs very little and is available for all car models since it is a universal shell-based product for people. Effuel Reviews show that people are trusting this product because of the efficient fuel conservation by the product and the affordable pricing for this product. 

The product comes with a proper money-back guarantee too so that the users can have complete faith over the product and also can return or replace it if they are unable to save fuel even after the installation of this product. The best thing about Effuel, according to users, is that it does not hamper the performance of the vehicle and still helps in saving fuel effectively. This shows that the product is efficient and useful in every car. The product is made to help in fuel injection in such a way that only the required amount of fuel is supplied to the car engine. According to one of the researchers James Hawk, this product saves fuel by controlling the supply through the electronic control unit. 

This unit controls the amount of fuel that is being supplied to the pistons for burning and powering the car. This unit is controlled with the help of a smart monitor for making sure that the fuel supply is not below the required level either. This smart monitor has a sensor that gets configured with the engine requirement for the fuel and then supplies only the required amount of fuel as per the speed average. This monitor firstly makes an average speed graph which is different for every user and every car. This graph helps the fuel monitor to calibrate with the fuel supply and thus provide a controlled amount of fuel at a particular speed so that the engine does not burn extra fuel and around 35% of the fuel is saved in the process. Effuel has been termed as the best fuel-saving gadget for cars by a lot of tech magazines and websites too. 

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Effuel has been suggested by a lot of professionals and car makers too. Some of the small car makers also use this product in their cars by default to make their cars more fuel-efficient. This gadget is being sold at affordable prices in the market which makes it a great product for people to purchase and save money spent on the fuel in their cars. The product is being used by lots of car mechanics too for the users who want to get better mileage from their vehicle. As per the sales report from the company, this product is being used in many luxury cars too since it does not hamper the performance of the car. Effuel Reviews show that the users are completely satisfied with the product that they are getting for their cars. This gadget is made with durable material too and has a life of more than 10 years. 

Effuel can be fit in the engine very easily and the makers suggest that a professional can fit this gadget in a car in under 15 minutes. N the last financial quarter, the sales of this gadget have increased by more than 300% because of the sudden increase in the prices of fuel all over the globe. Since the sales of this gadget have increased in the USA and Canada, the makers have pledged to make it a globally sold product in the next quarter. The sales of this product globally are to be operated by major shopping sites or from the official site of the gadget. Effuel is sold in the USA and Canada through the official site only and can be ordered at home for free shipping. The global sales will be done through affordable shipment charges and all of this data is being provided to different magazines and websites by the media department of the manufacturing company. 

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According to Effuel Reviews, this gadget is being sold at around 20$ only and this is a price that nearly all car users are more than willing to pay for getting better mileage from their cars. This gadget has been sold to more than 300 thousand users as of now and according to the customer service department of the manufacturing company, more than 97% of sales have gone without any query by the users. This means that even less than 3% of products sold have been either returned or replaced by the company. The return policy provided by the manufacturers is also one of the best things about this gadget as people can get their product changed or returned within 30 days after purchase if the product is not working properly or has any manufacturing defect

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